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PEMAC - Analytical and life science equipment Application
PEMAC - Petrochemical Application
PEMAC - Medical Application

PEMAC - Analytical and life science equipment Application
PEMAC - Analytical and life science equipment Application
PEMAC - Medical Application
PEMAC - Petrochemical Application
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55 years in manufacturing the industry's most trusted

                                           Mineral Insulated Cable & Speciality Heaters

We are developing Thermal Applications for instrumentation and equipments dedicated to

Life Sciences & Chemical Analysis

Transfer lines, GC heated nozzles,

Oil & Gas

ATEX Heaters/Sensors for Onshore - Offshore - Subsea

Medical Instrumentation

0.25mm OD thermocouples and heaters

Sensors and Heaters

Analytical & Life Science

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THERMOCOAX engineers develop comprehensive thermal systems that help the Analytical industry in:

 - Lower thermal masses to avoid loss of data

 - Increase Performance/Price ratio to lower the cost of instruments

 - Ease of operation to compensate lack of skills labors on the field


Heated hoses, Adsoption traps, GC/MS transfer lines and PTV, nozzles, Thermocouples


Compact heating system with



THERMOCOAX Oil & Gas thermal solutions help with:

 - On/Off shore ATEX heaters / thermocouples

 - Response with electronic harsh environment

 - Subsea transmission signal

 - Technoloy suitable for Artic low temp. environment

 - Chemical additives and sulphurous resistant thermocouples

 - In line measurement : multi zone reactor furnace

 - Multipoint thermocouple for sulfur compounds in Gasoline (Refinery pilot plant)


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Multipoint probe thermocouples

ATEX thermocouples and heaters


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THERMOCOAX is the only manufacturer of MI cable thermocouples able to produce at an industrial scale sensors having OD lower than 0.5mm. These thermocouples and heaters have their applications in the field of :

Dental surgery - Endodontic

Cryosurgery Multipoint Thermocouples

Neurosurgery - Risk Class III


Neurosurgery Biopsy catheter, Pain control thermocouples

Since 1957 we are expert in engineering custom MI cable thermal solutions for the most challenging industries.


Our True Cold End technology with advanced THERMOCOAX ceramic/metal connectors are working continuously for decades under the most stringent environments ( See references ).

It comes in custom lengths, diameters, sheaths or geometries and can be integrated in any thermal applications (small space apps, corrosive or high pressure environment). Integrating a reliable MI cable inside your application is the garantee to avoid any insulation resistance drop during usage.

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