Mineral Insulated Cable Solution
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About us
PEMAC - Analytical and life science equipment Application
PEMAC - Petrochemical Application
PEMAC - Medical Application


Thermocoax Analysis dedicated Website

55 years in manufacturing the industry's most trusted

                                           Mineral Insulated Cable & Speciality Heaters

Subsea - Onshore - Offshore

How Thermocoax Solutions can help ?


Extend equipment Life Time

References with MI cable in service working 40 years 24/24


Technology suitable for ARCTIC Low Temperature environment

Tests and applications in the field of cryogenics below -180°C


Onshore ATEX thermocouples and specialty heaters

Response for electronic harsh environment

         Intelligent Well (IW) thermocouples/cable for High Pressure Vibrations High temperature conditions

Signal Transmission cable for subsea remote monitoring and control