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Key Parameters

Oil Refinery : Oil Distillation Heaters

Working temperature : 350°C, up to 650°C for cleaning step

Fast temperature ramping

Optimal heat distribution to vaporize as fast as possible

Low temperature gradient

The various components of crude oil have different weights and boiling temperatures and the first step is to separate these components. With different boiling temperatures, they can be separated by a process called fractional distillation.

This process is carried out in labs. to make sure the oil always keep the same composition.

Key parameters

Multipoint thermocouple for sulfur compounds in Gasoline ( Refinery pilot plants )

Key Parameters


Small size 0,25mm TC

external sheath compatible with the environment : Stainless Steel, 304L, 316L, inconel , molybdenum

Class A thermocouple

Process control from cable to final assembly

Temperature range from -200°C to 1200°C ( K)

When it comes in getting gasoline from crude oil, the sulfur compounds in gasoline is critical.

To save energy during the distillation process, the temperature needs to be monitored very precisely to control the surfur % left in the gasoline.

Multipoint probes with thermocouples located all long the probe are used to monitor the temperature.

Application: 1/4 size refinery pilot plant

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In line measurement: Multi zone reactor furnace

Temp : 350 to 500°C

Ramp rate : 200°C per hour

Standard inconel alloy sheathed heater with cold ends.

Thermocouple type K

Simulation of larger scale  reactors with a temperatrue homogeneity below 1% along the inner 60% of the furnace.

Heat loss of less than 20-25°C at the extremities

When thermocouples are used for measurement in a sulphurous environment, the lifetime is drastically shorten and measurement quality can be affected. THERMOCOAX thermocouple consturction is essential to garantee protection of the thermoelectric wires against oxidation, corrosion and chemical pollution.


THERMOCOAX unique manufacturing process includes the open end of the thermocouple sheath without adding any additional material ! This proven technology offers much better insulation and less risk of contamination than thermocouples closed with additional material


Maximum working temperature for continuous utilization 1100°C

Specific alloy ( ref. If in the brochure ) very resistant in sulphurous and chloride environments


The most common used thermocouple is type k :

Working temperature                  -200 up to 1100°C

Mean sensitivity                         41uV/°C

Thermoelectric wires                  NiCr (+) / NiAl (-)

Diameter                                   from 0.25mm to 3mm

Moulded plug and socket             compensated connectors / pins

Refinery Pilot Plant - SULPHUROUS resistant Thermocouples



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