THERMOCOAX Application for Medical market

Heated PLUGGER for filling the root channel with heaters and thermocouple integrated within the plugger.

Heat pluggers have revolutionized warm gutta percha techniques.

The pluggers have a shape that matches the final root canal preparation. It maximizes condensation forces on the softened gutta percha without placing undue stress on the root canal system.

Thermal measurement dentist EXPLORER

This application requires to regulate the temperature within a very small volume. A small 0.25mm outside diameter thermocouple allows to have the required small external dimensions of the instrument.

THERMOCOAX controls the process from manufacturing of the mineral insertion cable making the thermocouple to the final instrument assembly.

The very small size THERMOCOUPLE diameter takes a prominent part in the mounting of the thermocouple and its response time.

This product line offers significant advantages in placement and safety to the interventional pain physicians. The cannula is designed for easy handling to ensure correct placement of the needle.

The thermolesion needle is use to burn the nerves while the temperature is controlled with the thermocouple

The thermocouple is made of an austenitic stainless steel grade with a good behaviour in organic acids chlorides.

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