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THERMOCOAX Application : Special Sheath Thermocouples / RTD

When thermocouples are used for measurement in a sulphurous environment, the lifetime is drastically shorten and measurement quality can be affected. THERMOCOAX thermocouple consturction is essential to garantee protection of the thermoelectric wires against oxidation, corrosion and chemical pollution.

Arc Welded Sheath Closure      THERMOCOAX unique manufacturing process includes the                                             open end of the thermocouple sheath without adding                                             any additional material ! This proven technology offers                                             much better insulation and less risk of contamination                                             than thermocouples closed with additional material


SHEATH MATERIAL                  Maximum working temperature for continuous utilization                                             1100°C

                                            Specific alloy ( ref. If in the brochure ) very resistant in                                             sulphurous and chloride environments


Thermocouple range               The most common used thermocouple is type k :

                                            Working temperature -200 up to 1100°C

                                            Mean sensitivity 41uV/°C

                                            Thermoelectric wires NiCr (+) / NiAl (-)

                                            Diameter from 0.25mm to 3mm

                                            Moulded plug and socket compensated connectors / pins


Refinery Pilot Plant - SULPHUROUS resistant Thermocouples

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