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THERMOCOAX Application for Analytical and Life Science market

Examples of applications

APCI Probe             The APCI probe  (Atmospheric  Pressure Chemical Ionization ) is an easy                              way to use an LC/MS interface that produces singly charged protonated                              or deprotonated molecules for a range of involatile analysis.

                             The APCI interface consists of a Z spray source fitted with a corona                              discharge pin and heated nebulizer probe.

                             The mobile phase from the LC column ebters the probe where it is                              pneumatically converted to an aerosol, which is then rapidly heated                              converting to a vapour / gas at the probe tip.

                             The heater element is wrapped and brazed around a 3mm tube with two                              thermocouples to control the temperature at the probe connection area                              and probe tip.

                              U=28V / 220W with temperature up to 650°C at the probe extremity


DSC Heaters            Differential Scanning Calorimeter - The sample is heated in oven at a                              given rate of power until a state of change is achieved. Data on the                              power factor used an the time taken for the changes to occur is                              recorded. This will then form the basis of the analytical process.                              Additionnal sensors may also be used to detetct other property                              variances of the medium under test.

                            The Thermocoax heater 1Nc I 10 is flexible and because of its metallic                              sheath, can be easily attached and coil around the body

Desolvation Nozzle  Differential Scanning Calorimeter - The sample is heated in oven at a                              given rate 

                             For this application a single core heating element with a coiled core was                              used. The element is then wrapped and vacuum brazed to ensure a good                              thermal contact, giving accurate heating as well.

                             To increase the heat intensity at the tip of the nozzle, a double coil is                              used. The coiled core heating elements are very well suited for                              applications that require low power in a small space.

Gas Chromatography  - Programmable Temperature Vaporization Inlet - The PTV is an                              injector which allow the sample to be inserted at a low temperature,                              allowing accurate and reproducible sampling. The PTV is rapidly heated up                              to  350°C to transfer the vaporized elements inside the capillary column.

                             Using true cold end heaters, integrated thermocouple and small size                              heaters give the probe a perfect thermal profile, matching theorical                              modeling calculation  

Other apps :

Adsorption Trap, MS probe tip assembly, ion source heated probes, heated transfer lines, reaction vessels sensors...

Custom Thermal Applications for



Better temperature control

 Excellent repeatability

 Faster ramp rates

 Low thermal mass with small size heater/thermocouples

Analytical Instrumentation

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